Competitor FAQs

Can I change the layout and design of the Visualise Your Thesis PowerPoint template for my entry?

Yes and no! You are encouraged to change the PowerPoint template and be creative – a visual impact and creativity are part of the judging criteria. However, you need to retain the title and final (References/Acknowledgements) slides as these serve as bookends for your entry. The title slide will need to include a valid Twitter/Instagram handle and your ORCiD. You can use the PowerPoint template as a starting point, but please change the layout, text boxes, colours and fonts, just make sure you include the necessary information about your research project (also see ‘Tips for creating your Visualise Your Thesis entry’ in the Technical Instructions). Note that you can include the information in the form of images, video and/or audio, and do not have to just use text.

How many slides can I include in my Visualise Your Thesis entry?

You can include as few or as many slides as you wish, but keep in mind that:

  • You must include the first slide and last slide, i.e. the title slide and references slide
  • Your presentation (excl. bookend slides) should run for a total of 60 seconds
  • The maximum file size for your PowerPoint file is 100 MB

How long should my Visualise Your Thesis PowerPoint presentation last for?

Your Visualise Your Thesis PowerPoint presentation (excl. bookend slides) should have a maximum length of 60 seconds; submissions exceeding this time limit will not be accepted. Your PowerPoint presentation may be displayed on a screen in rotation with other Visualise Your Thesis presentations in slide show mode, and each Visualise Your Thesis in the loop will be displayed for up to 60 seconds at a time.

Can I include audio in my Visualise Your Thesis entry?

Yes, you may include audio in your Visualise Your Thesis entry if you wish. However, you should consider that the maximum file size for your PowerPoint is 100 MB, and that entries may be displayed on several screens in the same area. Please make sure that any audio material is copyright compliant and referenced appropriately.

Is the Postgraduate School offering support and guidance for the competition? 

Yes we are – click here to see a list of workshops that are available 

Have a question that is not included here?

Please email Patricia Hamilton at: